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29_insiderestThe Avenue

Superstition has it that Friday the Thirteenth may not be the best day to start a new venture. This did not deter father and daughter – Tony and Farah Mason – from opening the doors of The Avenue on Friday the 13th July 2012. On the contrary this particular day proved the beginning of a very successful restaurant and grill that started with a dream…

When Farah was a little girl, helping daddy in the kitchen, their dream was to one day open a restaurant called “Daddy & Me”, where side by side father and daughter could share their passion and love of good food with customers they call family. The Avenue Restaurant & Grill is a stepping stone to “Daddy & Me’, while Farah pursues a career as a teacher of Foundation Learning.

Situated in Second Avenue on the trendy restaurant strip in Harfield Village, The Avenue is aptly named after its building, which served the local community as “The Avenue Dairy” in 1931.34_avenuedairy small

Life has certainly changed since then, but one of the constants you can count on is the superior quality and service you’ll receive every time you visit The Avenue.

The Avenue is known for its steaks and Chef Tony believes that it starts with the perfect ingredients. In 1977, Tony formed a relationship with a butcher, who 37 years’ later still provides Tony with the highest grade meat from which he handpicks only the finest cuts. These are then basted in the Mason Family Secret Recipe before being grilled to absolute, mouth-watering perfection. Tony also doesn’t believe in trimming his handpicked cuts so what you’ll get every time is a generous steak that might be bigger but never smaller than what you order.

Lavish starters cater to a variety of palates and demand sharing. A selection of main courses includes gourmet burgers and fresh-off-the-boat line fish while decadently delicious desserts offer a perfect ending every time.

Along with hand-cut chips and rustic roast veg, the food at The Avenue speaks for itself, while the interior, a reflection of Tony’s love of classic cars and car paraphernalia, offers a welcoming, homely and cozy atmosphere.

The Avenue offers something for everyone with vegetarian alternatives born from Tony’s own experience as a vegan, where his choices were limited. Patrons at the Avenue can enjoy tasty Soy or Halloumi burgers and tender Soy Steaks that are both succulent and flavorsome.

From Denise, who runs the kitchen and Chef Edward with his unique take on cooking; to Prisca who makes you feel at home and Iwona who ensures that everything runs smoothly, it’s the people behind the scenes at The Avenue that make it happen.

With every bite you’ll taste the love, the energy and enthusiasm that goes into bringing you a steakhouse experience that will keep you coming back for more.